Emily Jurgens Broker; CFO

Emily Jurgens Broker; CFO photo


CPA, Real Estate Broker

Emily Jurgens CFO

Registered CPA


Born an raised in Texas, Emily went to SMU on a full division I athletic scholarship and graduated with honors from Cox School of Business with a Masters in Accounting. Emily started her career at KPMG in audit. After 3 years in the big public accounting firm Emily moved to Harbor Capital where Emily worked in building Harbor Capital’s fund and compliance accounting group. After 2 years at Harbor Capital, the international food safety, quality, and nutrition firm came calling. Emily became the youngest control ever at Merieux NutriSciences. After a successful 4 years at Merieux, Emily joined 312 Estates as 312 Estates’ chief financial officer. Emily enjoys her new position as she is able to enjoy each day in Chicago while helping our growing firm find new ways to put our success into selling your home.

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